NOTE: I stopped compiling these statistics a while ago, not because I lost interest, but simply because other people are doing it much better and more thoroughly than I could. For more of these stats, check out these sites:
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
Ed Stephan's very informative graph of the above data

Does Bush's new "Good News" media campaign include these numbers?
Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, Carlyle Group, etc. crow about victory and cash their checks, while American soldiers and their grieving families bear the burden of this administration's lies, arrogance, and malfeasance.

Meanwhile, on the home front...
What is Bush's response to mounting American casualties? Visiting with families of slain soldiers and figuring out ways to improve security in Iraq? Or hobnobbing with rich contributors and lobbyists?

This is not the entirety of Bush/Cheney fundraising but only those amounts attributable to specific fundraising events.

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